Social network Twitter has announced it will launch a new subscription system this Monday that includes a verification system with the familiar blue badge, after several postponements by Elon Musk, who has owned the company since October.

“On Monday we’re relaunching ‘Twitter Blue. Sign up on the web for $8 per month or $11 per month on iOS devices – Apple’s operating system used on iPhones – to access exclusive subscriber features, including the blue badge,” the social network said via messaging.

The document detailed that this badge would be gold-coloured for businesses, while a grey badge would be added later for “government and multilateral” organisations. The blue badge will be awarded to subscribers “once the account has been reviewed”.

Subscribers will also be able to edit their tweets, post higher quality videos, a read mode and change their Twitter name and display their name or profile picture, although it was clarified that “if they do so, they will temporarily lose the blue badge until their account is reviewed again”.

“Thank you for your patience while we have been working to improve Twitter. We are excited and look forward to providing more information soon,” the social network indicated.

Musk announced in November his decision to delay the platform’s payment verification programme until November 29 until he can ensure it is “rock solid”, although the deadlines have been extended.

Musk’s decision came after several days in which users of the social network who had opted to pay $7.99 a month had reported that they were unable to access ‘Twitter Blue’ features.

The billionaire’s proposed new payment model was reportedly suspended after it led many users to impersonate reputable entities, damaging the reputation of companies or public figures.