MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A young entrepreneur from a part of Carbon County has moved back home to take on a new project. She plans to return an old tennis club and turn it into a space that the entire community can enjoy.

Snow and ice cover the tennis courts in the old Valley Royale and Maple Tree Inn Tennis Club near Lehighton, but soon the courts will be free and the club will be renovated.

“I was visiting us just last summer and we happened to come by, and I saw the sign” for sale “and I was thinking: working on this technical job in San Francisco, who am I really helping? reopen the place for the community and allow high school to come back and play, “said Jennifer Everett.

It was that trip back to her hometown in the summer that changed everything for Everett. She grew up here with tennis and as soon as she saw that ‘for sale’ sign, the ideas started to flow and she started drawing up a business plan. When on her birthday in August, she made the purchase.

“I knew that for life, I wanted to bring something back to the community and give it back. I just didn’t know I would do that at the age of 27. I really believe that this should come into my life now. All experience working with startups around the world really applies to what I am doing now. “

Everett plans to bring back the tennis club that was last active two years ago. She also wants to turn the clubhouse, originally built in the early 1900s, into an event space that the community can use. The building will also house some Airbnb apartments.

Everett studied international trade and economics at Drexel. She has lived all over the world and has traveled to 27 countries. She is very happy to be home again to start this next chapter.

“There are these small opportunities for yourself to grow and grow in the community. I don’t think I realized what was in me until I went back to do this. “

Everett strives for a spring opening for the tennis club, with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony in July.