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Updated PUBG Vikendi map Has Been Analyzed on PC, Probably to Come Back in Season 7.

PUBG Corp explained that the Vikendi map had a substantial revamp despite several live equilibrium updates since its launch in ancient 2019. It currently looks like Vikendi can yield on all platforms to the upcoming Season 7 since the map has been tested by select influencers and neighborhood MVPs around PC. Oh, and it’s training today.

The teaser trailer also reveals expansion into the decrepit entertainment park Dino Land, before finishing to a speeding train hurtling towards an individual participant.

We do not have company details on the beginning of the following Season — the present Season Six is not due to finish until April 16 — and it is not completely clear whether Vikendi will be instantly available on most platforms or whether it will get a PC to reside run. Meanwhile, we’ll only need to wait around for some beliefs from the insiders that get to experience it.

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