For years the big battle against Tesla was that the company did not know how to make a profit. Certainly, there was a lot of demand for Tesla vehicles, but a number of very published production problems caused the company to record quarterly loss after quarterly loss. In the past two years, Tesla has turned things around. Demand is still huge, production has become more efficient and the company that makes a profit can no longer be characterized as a fluke.

In light of this, one of today’s more valued automotive consultants – Sandy Munro – believes that Tesla’s Cybertruck can be a particularly profitable vehicle for the company. During a recent interview on the YouTube channel of Autoline Network, Munro says that the design of the Cybertruck itself keeps costs down.

An interesting reason that Munro mentions is that the Cybertruck production process does not require paint work.

“I think we’re going to look at press brakes and simply stamp,” notes Munro. “I see no reason for a paint job and if painted parts are needed, I think they will be painted by the supplier.

CNET adds:

The secret sauce of Tesla is the fact that the exoskeleton of the truck seems to function as its body panels. So all the stiffness and strength that the pick-up needs comes from everything you look at, and it just needs to be welded and assembled. The fact that there is no painting, just ordinary stainless steel, is also a huge cost saving per Munro.

Also interesting is Munro’s estimate that Tesla needs a capital expenditure of $ 30 million to explain the production of 50,000 vehicles per year, a remarkably low figure. Indeed, if someone without the expertise of Munro defended that figure, it would be hard to take the face value.

For comparison, Munro notes that the equivalent capital expenditures to produce 50,000 Ford F-150 trucks each year would amount to $ 210 million.

Interviews with Munro are always fascinating and the video below is worth watching if you want to take a deep dive into what could be the next big hit from Tesla.

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