A statue erected in honor of the late Dublin singer Luke Kelly was destroyed for the second time in seven months.

The statue is one of two that were erected in Dublin a year ago. It was designed by artist Vera Klute and given black color to imitate the sunglasses, in addition to stains on the nose and cheek.


The officers are investigating CCTV footage from cameras near Luke Kelly Park near the place where the singer grew up on Sheriff Street in downtown Dublin’s north.

The independent mayor and former mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke, described the vandalism as “senseless”.

“I call the person who did this to Luke Kelly’s statue to show dignity and respect for his memory and his family. Not only did you insult them, but you did this to the entire community who appreciated the statue.

“Shame on you! I call everyone who did it to clean it up. Luke always carried his community around with him around the world. The locals are great through all of this. Whoever with a clear mind would go out on a stormy night to do something like that. “

The statue was unveiled on the 35th anniversary of the death of the 43-year-old singer by President Michael D Higgins. It costs € 80,000 and is a 1.8 m high marble bust with copper wire for Kelly’s brand beard.