The remaining board members of the Romance Writers Association resigned on Wednesday, and a special election for a new board is planned for next month.

The announcement comes after months of turmoil over the suspension of Courtney Milan (see picture above), a novelist who has written novels about racism in another novel. Although the suspension of Milan was finally lifted at the end of December, the initial suspension met with such an outcry that eight colored board members had resigned in protest at the time. In January the RWA also canceled its RITA Awards 2020 and accepted the resignation of President Damon Suede and Managing Director Carol Ritter.

And on Wednesday the other board members submitted their resignation.

“We believe that the board must have the trust of the members and that this is the best way to achieve this. We believe that RWA can and will be a place of inclusion and respect. We are announcing our resignation in support of the organization and its mission, ”said the former board members in a joint statement.

The resignation of the Board of Directors has no impact on an ongoing independent review of the ethics complaint and investigation that led to the suspension of Milan. A special election to replace the board begins on March 13 and ends on March 20. The results will be announced on March 23.

Milan responded to the Twitter announcement that the resignations “could have happened a month earlier” and raised concerns about the conduct of the special elections. (Milan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Did you even introduce a special election policy? Is there a functional leadership development committee? Who is running for president?

– Courtney !!! Milan ???? ???? ???????? ⛸ (@courtneymilan) February 12, 2020