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The Beautiful 101: Remastered’s Kickstarter Has Finished With $2.2 Million!

From time to time, the gambling community sends an unmistakable message to programmers with the way they invest their money, if it is mass-refunding No Man’s Sky or shooting considerably higher compared to Kickstarter requested them to. This time, we are handling the latter.

Retailing for $50,000, the Kickstarter attained just below $1,000,000 over a matter of hours.

It appears that financing the Kickstarter with over 20x the asked-for funds was not sufficient, though. Since the Kickstarter comes to a close, the financing campaign ends with approximately $2,200,000 in financing — about 44x over the group was requesting!

There are just two stretch goals that weren’t attained with this extraordinary quantity of the financing. At $2.25 million, the group would have worked to place in Orchestral Recordings of 2 of those tunes on the soundtrack. When they reached $2.5 million, then they would have worked to include more terminology compatibilities. Regrettably, these were not struck, but it is probably the team never expected them to be awarded.

However, what about those who were struck? There is also a Time Attack mode for anybody who would like to battle themselves, in addition to a”Luka’s First Mission” 2D side-scrolling experience, “Luka’s Second Mission” to keep that experience, along with a Remix Soundtrack comprising an unnamed musical guest.

“We PlatinumGames wish to convey our heartfelt appreciation for all the warm wishes and support to our Kickstarter to get The Beautiful 101: Remastered!” The team writes Twitter. “We could not have done it without you all!”

It is always fantastic to see the gambling community coming together to assist with the revival of a name. There is a tremendous deal of enthusiasm behind the game from the fanbase and the programmers, and, likely, this may genuinely show from the game once it comes out there.

It’s intriguing to remember that the PS4 variant was a stretch target, however. From the time the name releases, another generation will likely be upon us. An individual might wonder if they mean to change that up and deliver it into next-gen consoles rather, or if they will keep it into PS4 since they said? In any event, we will all be keeping a close watch on the evolution since the weeks move on.

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