Problems in indigenous communities “will always be complex to solve”: Smith

Sky News moderator Chris Smith says that any debate and criticism of indigenous communities in Australia should not lead to claims of “racism”.

Senator Pauline Hanson has been criticized by the Labor Party and the Greens for commenting on the “closing the gap” process.

The leader of One Nation attributed the program’s poor results to the “failure” of Indigenous Australians to take responsibility for themselves.

Green Senate leader Larissa Waters said the comments do not reflect the mood of the chamber or the vast majority of Australians.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of the offense that was likely inflicted on many listeners to these words,” she said.

“Now that Pauline gets into a fight, she seems to involve all the Aborigines in this pot of guilt, that’s just not true,” said Mr. Smith.

“This was and is a complex problem to solve … but let’s not stifle the debate by blaming those who criticize behavior in Aboriginal communities as racist.”