Barely a week ago, I was in touch with Jackie McNamara for the last time.

It was a shock to me as everyone he is fighting for his life in the hospital this week.

The news from Darren Jackson that he had started to speak was a real boost.

The way I would describe Jackie is like a big, versatile boy.

In some ways, you get to know the guys you were teammates with after your career ended.

This is the case for those of us who have participated in Star Six in the past two years.

We have a Whatsapp group and all the guys are great fun.

Lots of people have summed up Jackie’s player perfectly in the past two days.

He just went back to business without making a fuss.

But he was a strong character and was heard when he needed it. Otherwise, you will not become a Celtic captain at this time.

It would have been a manager’s dream because he was willing to play any position for the team.

It goes without saying that I hope and pray that he will fully recover.

* It didn’t surprise me when the news appeared in The Courier that Dundee United had made an offer for Kevin Nisbet.

The comparisons between him and Lawrence Shankland are obvious and it does not take a genius to understand that Nisbet was aligned as a possible replacement for Shankland who should leave this summer.

Of the two, Shankland probably comes to life a little more in the box – just look at the Hibs Cup tie in Tannadice when he barely kicked, and then scored in the first half of time. injury – when you could argue that Nisbet is doing more outside.

It’s a good sign that clubs like United and Hibs – both of which will be top-flight clubs next season – are taking note of what’s going on in the lower leagues.

When players score goals as regularly as Nisbet at Raith and now Dunfermline, it deserves the opportunity to test themselves at a higher level.

You can’t say for sure yet, although either will certainly be a success in Premiership.

I would be surprised if this was not the case, be careful.

* I was in Dens to see Dundee beat Partick Thistle on Saturday.

It was a very good performance in all directions.

You can choose many players who had an excellent game but the influence of Christophe Berra was there to see everything.

Getting him out of Hearts in January already sounds like a big business.

* The flak that Derek McInnes had received was far above.

What more could he have done in Aberdeen? People have short memories.

Yes, he only won one cup, but he was unlucky when his team was at its peak, just like Celtic under Brendan Rodgers.

The consistency in the league has been exceptional.

Some Aberdeen fans won’t really appreciate the work he did in Pittodria until after he left.