STROUDSBURG, Pa. – Large costs are in the offing for the Monroe County Court in Stroudsburg.

Province officials are planning an expansion of millions of dollars.

“The courthouse is extremely crowded. We have no room to do anything there. Even with our move from the public defender and public prosecutor, district detectives to 701 Main, we still have a shortage of space,” said Commissioner John Christy, (D) Monroe County.


A construction company from the state of New York has been hired to do the work.

The expansion will create space for more courtrooms and a few courtrooms.

The plan is to build right next to the courthouse on North 6th Street where there is currently a drive-thru PNC Bank.

Province officials tell Newswatch 16 that they have been in conversation with representatives of PNC Bank. The hope is to buy the property, but it can also be occupied by an excellent domain.

The expansion is important for many departments that work from the courthouse, including the office of the prothonotary where space is limited.

“The last expansion took place in the 1970s to the courthouse, so we work with technology from the 1970s, in a building from the 1970s and we also work with the space requirements from 1970,” said George Warden, the provincial prostitute.

He says that the expansion will not only create much needed space, but will also move his department to the first floor.

The move will be easier for people getting in and out.

“People come to pay their fees and fines, people come for marriage permits, people come for passports, civilian archives. They run constantly to the third floor,” Warden said.

The final details, including the costs of the project, will be worked out this year.