Claire will start practicing medicine while Jamie has to put on a symbolic red coat to save Fraser’s Ridge.

It’s not easy to travel back in time, and the actors of the epic Starz romance “Outlander” are happy to explain the complications that arise.

“You have to be careful,” said Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna Fraser, on Tuesday’s Television Critics Association press tour. “Sometimes I want to add an ‘OK’ to a scene. “Skelton’s concern does not stem from a deviation from the script, but from the fact that her character is a 1960s woman living in a 1770s world and“ OK ”has not been said for decades be – because it has not yet been minted.

Skelton and the other actors Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Richard Rankin took the stage together with the executive producer Maril Davis to answer numerous questions from entertainment journalists about the fifth season – which premiered on Sunday, February 16 – and the future of the show to answer in general.



“It’s one of the unique challenges of this job,” added Balfe (Claire Fraser). It is this duality to be modern, but to have to adapt and adapt. “

In season 5 of the series, the Fraser family will struggle to defend their colonial-era home in North Carolina. Claire believes that she is involved in a conflict that will ultimately produce a nation. The family will have to deal with growing tensions between the ruling class and the regulator movement, an uprising in which settlers from the hinterland clashed with colonial officials who were not in the best interest.

For this purpose, the foundation is laid for Claire to do what she does best: she tries to improve the past by using her knowledge of the future.

“She takes advantage of these great opportunities to investigate operations that she would have done in the 20th century,” said the actress, adding that Claire would also experiment with the development of more modern drugs.

It naturally refers to the figure’s penicillin, which previously appeared several times in the series thanks to a syringe from a more recent era. But Claire’s medical interference will not come at no cost.

“It will cause Claire a lot of pain and trouble later,” Balfe said with Heughan (Jamie Fraser) in jest. “We keep trying to change history, but we never learn.”

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

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In the coming season, Jamie will be counting more on the past than on the distant future. For one, the growing civil unrest will force him to take military action, but instead of triggering an uprising, he will work to suppress the common man. For this he needs a new uniform.

“I thought it was a strong picture,” said Heughan, referring to the red coat that Jamie will reluctantly wear during the season. It is a phrase that does not come from Diana Gabaldon’s books, but from the actor himself. “It would go against everything he stands for and what he fought for.

Jamie will also struggle with one of his favorite relationships, with his godfather, Murtagh Fitzgibbons, who is the leader of the Regulator Rebellion. Fans also get a window into the background of Murtagh’s and Jamie’s kinship, with scenes reminiscent of Jamie’s youth when Murtagh served as a father figure and confidante.

If you’re the particularly scared guy who fears the start of season five because it means the end of season five and the return to the dreaded Droughtlander, keep in mind that Starz has already renewed the series for season six.

And Davis is confident that the show will continue long after that.

“We will continue,” she said. Gabaldon continues to produce novels in the series. Unlike HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, it is no problem that the material is running out. If Starz and the cast are interested, the show continues.

To spark anticipation for the return of “Outlander”, Starz released a new photo of everyone’s favorite family that is not stuck in time, as well as a clip with footage from the upcoming season of the upcoming episodes.

Check out the following clip:

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