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New Tony Hawk game coming this Season Spanned by punk Ring

At a now-deleted Facebook article, the group revealed that they had accredited five of the songs to be utilized in an upcoming Tony Hawk title.

You’ve been numerous reports swirling across the net about a brand new entry to the Tony Hawk franchise for some time now. After pro-skater, Lizzie Armanto was asked concerning her look in Tony Hawk’s five throughout The Club podcast, she also disclosed the Hawk could be”coming out with the other one,” and she’d incorporate in the upcoming match also.

It has been some time since we have had a match worthy of this Tony Hawk title. The previous entry to the show, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, wasn’t well-received by critics or gamers also sits with a bad Metascore score of just 32.

If you are seeking to scrape that skateboarding game itch, it is well worth keeping an eye on Session that’s supposed to launch this in Game Preview this Spring. The Session is an impending skateboarding sim out of Creature Studios and concentrates on realism with either analog sticks controlling an avatar’s feet.

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