Image: Colombia fire department

Columbia, SC (WOLO) – As of today, food trucks doing business in the capital must comply with the new guidelines set out in the latest edition of the International Fire Code. According to Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins,

“This initiative by our department will help ensure that all grocery vendors operating a grocery truck in the city are safe while serving their customers. Our goal is to ensure that these vehicles have the necessary equipment to prevent or mitigate fires and other hazards. “

According to Columbia Fire officials, mobile food trucks have become popular places to eat quickly in many city centers, business districts, and at events. According to the CFD, there has recently been an increase in fire events and gas explosions that have prompted them to take a closer look at safety regulations and inspections.

In 2018, firefighters said the International Code Council had developed a special fire protection code to address these security concerns. According to the code, the requirements encompass a wide range of fire protection features such as the suppression and protection of LPG and compressed natural gas systems.

As of January 1, 2020, the Columbia Fire Marshal’s Office plans to enforce these new requirements across the state. This means that all new or existing food preparation vehicles that contain cooking appliances that produce fumes that contain smoke or fat must comply with the new regulations.