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It’d be Bizarre if Sony did Not Attract more PlayStation exclusives into PC

With yesterday’s news which Sony will launch Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC this summer came a sign that this may be just the first of the PlayStation exclusives coming our way. It seems like they’re moving slowly and carefully yet do hope to attract more. As this has appeared increasingly likely in the past several decades, it is still surprising to me personally—what a fantastic thing. Sony owns quite a few world-class improvement studios, and I would be happy to see more of the matches on PC. In case.

We mentioned these tips yesterday, but I needed to dig deeper into everything that had been said and the context of this. This is his first interview since taking place, so the future of PlayStation is a popular question, and it is extra-notable he disclosed that this PC launch today. And do remember he’s speaking to some PlayStation audience among his most important concerns is reassuring people that the cash and sense of individuality they have spent in PlayStation isn’t likely in the bin — it is a situation where he would never cheer to an end to exclusives.

“We are going to continue to be. And we are very dedicated to standard exclusives. And also to influential narrative-driven singleplayer games.

“I’d say that at precisely the same time, we are likely to be quite an experimentation, to fresh thoughts. Just trying things out to determine what functions. I believe that is very much also a part of the DNA of Worldwide Studios.”

Which Contributes to the experimental PC launch of Horizon. That are lots more great games that they can experiment with.

A change from isolationist exclusives for consoles has appeared increasingly… not probably, but a chance. Round the console business, once-clear distinctions are blurring. Virtually everything is multiplatform, a couple of essential exclusives aside, leaving consoles much more than another menu and controller method for playing the very same games. Looking forward, prophets including Ubisoft and Microsoft have foreseen that the last console creation’ just on the Horizon, using a change to PC-like rolling updates (which is happening) or into cloud gambling (that isn’t already occurring, lol @ Google Stadia ROFL). Microsoft recently began bringing their Xbox sclerosis into PC and look dead chuffed with their now-multiplatform Xbox manufacturer-new. It’d be bizarre if Sony did not look at doing more with all the studios they have.

To be clear: Hulst doesn’t state Worldwide Studios wish to discharge each of their exclusives on PC. He does not even commit to releasing one game longer. But he can create more PC releases seem real probable.

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