As the Oscar season wanes, specialty theaters don’t have much to show until Indies acquire new titles from Sundance.

At this time of year, when the Oscar season is slowing down and the Sundance Film Festival is attracting shoppers with shiny new titles, the indie distributors aren’t releasing many new films. Two other openers achieved modest results: The Vietnamese biography “The Last Full Measure” (sights on the roadside) played with dull numbers nationwide, while the crazy “Color Out of Space” (RLJE) with Nicolas Cage aroused more interest.

Warner Bros. planned to release “Detective Chinatown 3” domestically in parallel with the opening of the new year in China, but postponed the film at the last minute when the coronavirus horror closed all cinemas in China.

The Oscar push continues to benefit “1917” (Universal) because it exceeded $ 100 million. Meanwhile, “Parasite” (neon) has grown $ 31 million, and “Jojo Rabbit” (Searchlight) has continued to grow before the awards.

“The last full measure”


The last full measure (Sights on the roadside) – Metacritic: 52

$ 1,055,000 in 614 cinemas; PTA (per theater average): $ 1,718



This decades-long dream project for director Todd Robinson tells of the search for a pilot from the Vietnam War who sacrificed himself to save 60 soldiers. With an ancillary cast that included Samuel L. Jackson, William Hurt, Christopher Plummer and Peter Fonda (his last appearance), Roadside released the pre-release war movie in 614 cinemas across the country with mixed reviews and modest numbers. The average per cinema roughly corresponds to that of the 16th weekend of “Parasite” in 400 fewer cinemas.

What’s next: These earnings will take no longer than a second week.

Color from the room (RLJE) – metacritic: 70; Festivals include: Toronto 2019

$ 217,888 in 81 cinemas; PTA: $ 2,689; Accumulated: $ 358,164

RLJE started “Mandy” with Nicolas Cage at the end of 2018 after festival recognition and a parallel cinema / VOD release. It brought in $ 1.2 million in cinemas and, with its extensive house tour, established the cult status of a classic. Cage is back with another low budget genre title with a supported theatrical release. After the screenings before the weekend, the film was well received in the theaters and offered potential for additional play, especially in special theaters with younger viewers.

What’s next: ITunes lists this February 25th.

“Weathering with you”


Second week

Weathering with you (GKids)

$ 693,231 in 458 theaters (-28); PTA: $ 1,514; Accumulated: $ 6,553,000

After a great event showing results before the regular theatrical appearance, the animated crowdpleaser by the director of “Your Name” is still interested in a fairly broad release.

Ongoing / expanding (Gross over $ 50,000)

1917 (Universal) week 6

$ 15,800,000 in 3,937 cinemas (+325); Accumulated: $ 103,880,000

All systems rely on Sam Mendes’ film with strong dynamics. This weekend it only dropped 28%, with the potential to reach $ 200 million domestically, especially if it won the “Best Film” title.

Mercy only (Warner Bros.) Week 6

$ 4,055,000 in 2,408 theaters (-49); Accumulated: $ 27,078,000

An excellent holddown – just 30% after a holiday weekend – as this Michael B. Jordan / Jamie Foxx death penalty story continues its impressive run. After a series of modest budget drama flops, Warners has made this an impressive success.

parasite (Neon) week 16; also streaming

$ 2,000,000 in 1,060 cinemas (+217); Accumulated: $ 30,939,000

Still at around $ 2,000 per theater against the opportunity to watch TV at home, and to be over $ 30 million at two weekends before the Oscars, this seems to be even higher than we have been recently at 35 million Have expected US dollars or more. At the same time, it ranks fourth in the iTunes feature film table – extremely high for a film with subtitles.

“Jojo Rabbit”

Fox Searchlight

Jojo Rabbit (Searchlight) week 15

$ 1,400,000 in 1,160 cinemas (+155); Accumulated: $ 25,900,000

Searchlight has delayed the availability of home television programs for Taika Waititi’s comedy until February 4. This should help them earn around $ 30 million for the domestic play.

Uncut gemstones (A24) week 7

$ 703,150 in 490 cinemas (-440); Accumulated: $ 47,682,000

Safdie Bros.’s sleeper success is $ 1.3 million less than that of “Lady Bird” as the largest domestic A24 broker. Without the normal additional 10% that Canada (like the rest of the world as Netflix release) usually provides.

bomb (Lionsgate) week 7

$ 565,000 in 596 cinemas (+186); Accumulated: $ 30,242,000

An Oscar-enhanced later expansion caused little response to Jay Roach’s film about Fox News and his harassment problems. This will make up about two thirds of the similar “vice” of last year.

The song of the names (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6

$ 114,417 in 182 theaters (+106); Accumulated: $ 663,537

Typically impressive theater reach from SPC for this musical virtuoso drama that was missing after the Second World War. However, the theater’s results (estimated at $ 612 each) are not.

Les Miserables (Amazon) week 3

$ 59,674 in 69 theaters (+27); Accumulated: $ 207,502

The nomination for best international film does little for this modern French drama because it expands to the best possible theaters.

clemency (Neon) week 5

$ 86,500 in 127 theaters (+117); Accumulated: USD 229,203

One year after winning the jury in the Sundance Dramatic Film category in the United States, this well-received drama met with disinterest at a variety of theaters because it opened in all major cities. The PTA was under $ 700.

Pain and fame (Sony Pictures Classics) week 17; also streaming

$ 56,621 in 68 theaters (-99); Accumulated: $ 4,318,000

This Oscar nominee is now available in stores and is approaching the high-end area for publications with special subtitles that do not bear the name “Parasite” (“Cold War” and “Roma”). It ranks 23rd among all films in the current iTunes table and ranks first among similar films.

Harriet (Focus) week 13

$ 55,000 estimated at 80 theaters (-15); Accumulated: $ 43,142,000

This nomination for Best Actress, which is still contributing to her grand total, is about to increase her success with the home inspection.

Also noticed:

Citizen K (Greenwich) – $ 14,000 in 7 theaters: Total: $ 55,327

Invisible life (Amazon) – $ 10,970 in 11 theaters; Accumulated: $ 141,154

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