Nagal dominant show

The 22-year-old Hariana boy managed to do things that only Amritraj, Krishnan, Leander, Bhattatis and Sanias did, giving the necessary shots to the sport. The way to handle the Nagaland moment was remarkable.

He did not show that he was nervous and refused to be intimidated by a sportsman. At the end of the deal, the game earned him some compliments from his big opponent. Federer also praised Nagal’s consistency.

With one title (Buenos Aires), one tournament finish (Banja Luka) and six semifinal appearances in the Challenger circuit, Nagal made the year his own.

If he could build his 2019 show, Nagal could prove to be the hope of those elusive singles looking for Indian tennis, and Federer had foretold a “very solid career” for the flamboyant player. He finished the year at No. 130 after 130. 130. He proves to be the better version of Somdev Devvarman’s relentless counterattack, which was the last single in Indian tennis before suddenly receiving countless injuries.

Davis Cup Concert

But Indian tennis is never far from suburban drama, and this year it comes from the Davis Cup match against Pakistan, which was eventually held in a neutral place in Kazakhstan.

Top players, led by Mahesh Bhatti, have refused to travel to Islamabad citing security concerns. Administrators agreed with their fears, as was clear from their request from the International Tennis Federation (ITF), making changes locally. But when the ITF agreed to India’s request, the National Tennis Federation (AITA) fired Bhupati from his post, including all other players who had dropped out of the trip.

The play lengthens the record

Among those who became available, no matter where they were, was Leander Pace of the old front. The 46-year-old player extended his Davis Cup record by winning the 44th match when it finally took place in Nur-Sultan in November.

The only event Pais has reached the end of his career, and he has been out of the top 100 for the first time in nearly two decades.

Inappropriate Gunesvara

Elsewhere, the country’s top singer, Prince Guneswar, remained consistent, breaking into the top 100 and even touched on a career high of 75 in April.

The left-hander definitely has the game and most importantly, being in the top 50. However, his father’s deteriorating health meant he could not compete with focusing on the end of the season. The race at Cumming Open remained his best result. He lost his father and a series of bad results meant he was out of the top 100, peaking at 124 degrees by the end of the year.

Ramanathan failed to make a mark

It remains a mystery why Ramkumar Ramanathan, widely regarded as India’s next best singles player, did not realize his true potential. Chennai dropped to 174 this year, when it was expected to be in the top 100 after launching at 132. with the results.

This, despite the fact that he is among the fortunate ones who, at the beginning of his career, received training support in Spain.

Bopanna heads the double show

In the Doubles series, Rohan Bopanna, Divizaj Shara and Eva Neduncheja remained India’s best players.

Bopanna and Shara, considering the Tokyo Games, started the season as a team, but their low ranking did not allow them to participate in bigger events together, forcing them to be part of it.

Sanya will return in 2020

In the women’s tour, Ankita Raina was her usual combat identity, and due to injury Karman Kaur Thandi spent considerable time on the sidelines. With Sanya Mirza announcing that she is returning to competitive tennis in 2020, women’s tennis can simply acquire the fullness it needs.