The number of Disney restarts performed becomes uncontrollable. Last year, there were not one or two, but three that hit the cinemas of “Dumbo”, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. Oh, and there was also a sequel to “Maleficent”.

In fact, the sequels seem to be the new direction these reboots are taking with a follow-up to “The Jungle Book” currently in the works. And with “ Aladdin ” who grossed over a billion dollars at the world box office, it makes sense that the House of the Mouse is looking to do part 2.

Variety first dropped the news of an Aladdin sequel. But we don’t know much yet.

The hope is that the three tracks – Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott – will return. However, offers will not be extended to them until a script is ready.

This script will be written by John Gatins (“Flight”, “Kong Skull Island”) and Andrea Berloff (“World Trade Center”, “Straight Outta Compton”).

The producers spent about six months determining the direction of the new film. He will not borrow any of the footage directly from video (‘Return of Jafar’, ‘Aladdin and the King of Thieves’) of the animated original.

It is not yet known if director Guy Ritchie will return.

The film will be released in theaters rather than going to Disney +. Disney + produces, however, an “ Aladdin ” spin-off focusing on Prince Anders by Billy Magnussen with a twisted mind since the restart.