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CD Projekt Red has shown the marginally re-designed variant of Cyberpunk 2077’s default female protagonist now.

Adhering to a commenter’s question about the match’s reversible box artwork, CD Projekt responded, “You are considering it:-RRB-” together with all the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay.

The feminine style of protagonist V was revealed during E3 2018 — in the point, she featured brownish hair, slightly milder facial layout, and dark eye makeup.

In contrast, the reversible box artwork today shows off a brand new red-haired’ perform and face.

As we reported year, Cyberpunk 2077 will comprise a genderless character production platform — in what is both a nod to the topics of transhumanism and individuality integrated into the game’s world, in addition to a reply to the critical reaction of Cyberpunk’s earlier male/female character development system which many maintained felt neither innovative nor inclusive.

“Along with our character development menu, when compared with the previous demonstration, we now offer you many more choices,” stated senior theory artist Marthe Jonkers in 2019.

“For example, you do not select your gender. You do not pick,’I wish to be a male or female character’ you currently pick a body kind. Since we want you to don’t hesitate to make any character, you desire.

“So you select your physique, and we’ve got just two voices, one that is male looking, one is feminine sounding. It is possible to mix and match. It is possible to join them in whatever way you desire.”

Have a look at our entire Cyberpunk 2077 primer if you would like to end up to speed.

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