Ibiza Weekender is back for a whole new series in 2020 – here’s everything you need to know.

From when it starts on TV and who is on the cast, here is your complete guide to Ibiza Weekender Series 6.

Ibiza Weekender 2020 follows a lively group of new and old holiday representatives who give their guests the time of their lives on this renowned holiday island.

With fixed cameras at the hotel, the series will capture all the drama and reality as it unfolds. Expect jinks, outrageous parties, and 24-hour drama.

Ibiza Weekender Casting

The cast will include chef David (El Jefe, “the boss” in Spanish) as well as regular representatives Jordan Davies, Callum Izzard, Tasha (Tash) Kiran and Chloé Chaloner.

Series 6 will feature two new representatives: Welsh Riva Vatsaloo and London joker Jaden Richards.

Here’s where to follow representatives on social media with their Instagram and Twitter usernames:

Instagram: @davidweekender
Twitter: @DavidWeekender

Jordan Davies
Instagram: @jordanweekender
Twitter: @JordanWeekender

Chloé Chaloner
Instagram: @chloeweekender_
Twitter: @chloeweekender_

Instagram: @tashweekender
Twitter: @TashWeekender

Callum Izzard
Instagram: @callumweekender
Twitter: @CallumWeekender

Instagram: @rivaweekender
Twitter: @rivaweekender

Instagram: @jadenweekender
Twitter: @jadenweekender

Ibiza Weekender Air Date and spoilers

Ibiza Weekender starts its new series on Sunday January 19, 2020 at 10:05 p.m. on ITV2 just after Love island. The episodes continue every week on Sunday evening.

In the first episode of this evening, it is the start of another season on the party island of Ibiza and with holidaymakers preparing for a summer of fun, the main representative David is busy gathering his team of representatives to offer the guests the weekend of their lives. With a new team philosophy instead of “getting back to basics, customers come first”, will David be able to keep his team focused on the job at hand?

El Jefe, David, is back and with his new pet, Fish Jenna, is joined by the experienced team of Jordan, Callum and Tash, but before the arrival of the first group of guests, two new representatives are presented to the team and put to the test.

Fortunately, Callum and Tash are more than happy to welcome the healthy Welsh Riva and the London joker Jaden. Leaving loved one ex-Lothario Jordan happy to focus on work, especially when David gives him extra responsibility and a belt as the new manager of customer satisfaction.

With the arrival of the guests, the weekend is ready to explode and it is not long before the flirtation and the fun begin. To David’s horror, though the new reps are quickly led astray by Callum and Tash, leaving Jordan and David to wear the night and make sure the guests have fun.

As a result, Callum and Riva are punished for their lack of interest in the guests and David makes them clean Fish Jenna while staying. Meanwhile, Tash seems to be doing it with one of the boys invited at night, but turns things upside down by making an obvious line to the bed of new representative Jaden as soon as he returns to the hotel.

Fortunately, Jordan lives up to his title of new customer satisfaction manager and the guests leave after a great weekend. But an exceptional weekend in Jordan does not make for a balanced team and David remains looking for additional support from his former staff…

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