SHERMAN OAKS – A Sherman Oaks woman offers to pay $ 500 to people who broke into their home and stole jewelry and their beloved black Labradoodle Stella.

Barbara Goodhill doesn’t care what jewelry she takes when burglars break through a window upstairs on Friday evening and search her home. She has heart disease because she took her 4 1/2 year old, 35 pound Labradoodle and took a piece of her heart and she wants Stella back.

“First, she runs in front of me in the morning and does her version of a happy dance, jumping and whirling. It sets my heart back, ”said Goodhill. “I’m so scared of what she’s going through.”

The burglars left their German shepherd Daisy behind, or Daisy could have run away from them, she said. “My darling Daisy misses her little black sheep so much. She loves taking care of Stella. “

The suspects were apparently trying to return Stella, Goodhill said.

She immediately reported Stella missing at Home Again, the pet microchip company.

“They sent a warning and within an hour I got a message that Stella had been found. You said she was in a veterinary clinic in Lawndale, ”said Goodhill.

Two men had brought Stella to the VCA Advanced Care Center in Lawndale and told the staff that they had found her, she said. However, when the guard received the microchip information, the men got out and said they would take the dog outside to go to the bathroom and never returned.

The hospital has a surveillance video that the police can use to track down the suspects and find their dog.

The silver lining in the theft of Goodhill’s dog are the people she met through the NextDoor app who were a source of support. “Strangers became friends overnight and used their skills to help me crack it.”

In the meantime, Goodhill has left $ 500 in cash with The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, with instructions to pass it on to the one who brings Stella back to the clinic without further questions after confirming with a microchip that it is the dog is Stella. The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks is located at 13756 Ventura Blvd.