The former world number one was the first to record a three-set victory over the Netherlands’ Talon Griekspur, but failed to show up again during the opening tournament in Spain.

Instead, Murray rejoiced with the team-mates as they reached the last four in Madrid, where they lost to the next champions of Spain.

The Scotsman, who raised his first title after a hip surgery at the European Open in October, found that the problem of a “mild” groin had left him out of court, though only after consulting with medical staff and team captain Leon Smith.

“I had a small problem with my tumor. I wanted to play, but I was not allowed to take risks, “he said, according to Mirror quotes.

“I made the final decision, but I’m obviously talking to my physiologist, doctor, talking to Leon.

“I don’t know exactly when I did it because I had a scan immediately after the game with Thalone Greenspur because I had injuries during the game.

“I had noticed this for a couple of days under construction, so I didn’t know, because after Antwerp I took a 12-day vacation or something, I didn’t hit a single shot, and I slowly built up until I arrived. I went to Madrid and then I started doing heavy exercises, and I noticed that it was a little painful.

“It was more like a bone bruise. It’s mild. But that was something that, if I had played on it, could have gotten worse. And that’s why it was hard for me. “

Murray spoke of the longevity of his Amazon Prime Video documentary, Andy Murray, which describes his return from a career-threatening throat issue.

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